[Webinar] Quarantine Weight Gain: Not a Joke!

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Saturday, June 27th
7:00 pm KST (12:00 EST)

Life in lockdown has disrupted many lives and caused significant disruption on global scale. One of the important consequences of quarantine is a change in lifestyle: reduced physical activity and eating unhealthy diet. For obese patients who already struggled with their body, gaining extra pounds during the COVID pandemic add more risk to their lives.

“Quarantine 15” is the term given to the notion that during the pandemic and stay-at-home order, people are gaining weight because eating is one of the few activities they can enjoy indoors besides watching TV or playing video games. While calling it the “Quarantine 15” may sound cute, this phenomenon has significant consequence on public health. Obesity has been associated with impaired immune system and increasing the susceptibility for COVID-19.


Course Directors
Majidah Bukhari and Mostafa IbrahimModerators
Jeanin Van Hooft and Asma Alkandari

Manoel Galvao, Amrita Sethi, Sharmila Sachithandan, Shelby Sullivan, Waleed Bukhari and Reem Sharaiha


Rehab Abd El Meguid, Violeta Popov, Reem Sharaiha and Majidah Bukhari


Welcome and Introduction
Majidah Bukhari and Jeanin Von Hooft17:10-17:25
Weight Loss Challenges During the Pandemic
Rehab Abd El Meguid17:25-17:40
Endoscopic Bariatric Therapy for Primary Weight Loss (Overview)
Violeta Popov17:40-17:55
Intragastric Balloon Insertion
Majidah Bukhari17:55-18:10
Endoscopic Gastroplasty
Reem Sharaiha18:10-18:25
Open Discussion
Speakers and Panelists18:25-18:30
Closing Remarks
Majidah Bukhari and Mostafa Ibrahim